Spacey Pics

By Stacebob

Happy Pamday!

Rich and I stayed at Sarah's last night in prep for Pam's birthday today; we all headed off to The Barns in Cannock to surprise her with a 3 course birthday lunch. I've not been to The Barns before but I was well impressed with the food; I had mushroom & goats cheese arancini to start, a pork roast, and lemon tart. NOM. Pam seemed chuffed, especially when the cake that Sarah (not Rich's sister, his cousin!) had made for her. 

After a delightful lunch, we popped back to Sarah's (sister, not cousin :P) for Prosecco in the garden. Thankfully her garden is quite shady, so aside from a few unwelcome wasp visitors, it was rather lovely. Only problem for me was that my body decided to kick in a period this morning, 9 days early, which I was ill prepared for, so cramps and sweats were on the menu. Stupid biology!

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