By flavia13


"What-a-mistake-a-to-make-a" ( a quote from the hilarious now UnPC comedy show).  A very frustrating day.  Are you sitting comfortably, then I will begin........"

I should have known better than to go out on Bank Holiday Monday.  Left home in a grey mizzly morning.  Decided I would take Mum to The Mill Cafe at Furness Abbey as there are benches outside where she can sit whilst I take photos.  Well that was the plan.  I've only been to Furness Abbey once before and it is not easy to find, especially if you are coming from Grange because the signposts are either hidden by  trees not cut back or there aren't any.  Coming from Barrow I discovered there are more visible signs.

Anyway we eventually got there to find it was closed - on a Bank Holiday Monday with lots of people milling around - what an opportunity they missed.  Never mind I thought I'll take Mum to The Abbey House Hotel instead, nice grounds there I understand - on the flat.

*sigh* we got there fine, in the driveway is an entrance with a roundabout which has many signs saying "No Parking" - however two cars decided to ignore that and they actually  parked so they were blocking the entrance to the car park - I looked at them hoping they would say "won't be a minute" but NO - they just glared at me and then carried on as I wasn't there.  Never mind I though let's go to Charnleys in Dalton.  Which we duly did. Very nice too and had a mooch round the store as well as refreshments.

Then I thought I'll take Mum to Rampside so I can photograph the lighthouse there for today's blip - wrong again.  The first turning right from Ulverston the car in front me suddenly stopped, the indicated right - I slammed the breaks on, in time luckily I was keeping a safe distance.  They then decided not to stop and just carried on driving!!!  I then followed it all the way to Rampside!!!! (several miles).  In Rampside they had a vintage car rally and there were cars and people everywhere.  Fine I  thought just weave your way through - but people suddenly stepped out into the road in front of - one in particular enjoying his ice cream so much he didn't even know he was in the road.  I just smiled at him and he just glared back - of course, my fault I should't be driving a car on a road!!!!!.

The car I had been following suddenly turned right into a private driveway - so obviously knew where he was going!!!  I then went to the start of Roa Island to take the above photo (plus a couple more).  I stayed to the pathway but somehow I've managed to get 4 more bites!!!!!  Aaarrgh - hope these don't blister!!!??

I then decided to just go back to Haverthwaite and have coffee and lunch at the cafe on the station.  WRONG - I got behind somebody who suddenly stopped in the middle of the road, someone obviously telling them they were full and where else they could go, but they decided to stop there, offload before the driver drove off.  So I just turned round and came home. 

Day over - now sat at home tending to my bites.  The blister is about an inch in diameter now but not read around it any more.  Not sure what to do as I've never had this before - I googled it and it seems you mustn't deliberately burst it as it could cause an infection - so walking around with a massive plaster when I'm out so I don't bang it.  Not sure if its serious or if will just eventually go - aaarrgghh!!

I didn't know I was that tasty!!!   Obviously being a bit on the plump side probably means them insects like a bit of raw meat!!!!

Mum's on the balcony with her crossword  book.  She hasn't been bitten at all - thank goodness.

THE END - for now


Hope you are all well.  Take care hope you're having a lovely time.  Thanks for listening to my tales of woe.  See you all tomorrow.

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