By flavia13


......Right Said Fred

A pleasant morning.  I wanted to go out with the camera so the intention had been to go to Shore Road in Silverdale so I headed for that first of all.  Had my eye problem on the way and had to stop off whilst it stung and streamed away, thinking I was going to have to turn round, but then it was OK again, so on I went.

I got to Silverdale and had planned on stopping off at a cafe there that I've just found out about called The Blossom Bird, nice coffee and home made cafes apparently.  However on arriving in Silverdale the village centre was heaving, Shore Road was equally busy so disappointingly I moved on as parking was difficult anyway.

Then I remember The Dip between Silverdale and Far Arnside.  Well I've been meaning to stop there for ages but there's always been someone parked in the tiny areas that that you can park in, but today - no-one  there at all.

So I made my way down onto the very pebbly beach and had it all to myself to start with.    I just walked around the beach taking various photos, some experimental ones enjoyed the very fresh air and solitude.  I decided not to walk out onto the sand as I wasn't sure how far you could go.  I would have like to explore the next cove but if the tide came  would be cut off, so always one for being sensible I just stayed in the tiny bay and enjoyed the serenity of it.  

This main photo is looking over to Humphrey Head and I live just to the right of that somewhere.

Whilst walking around I discovered that was a wee tunnel under the road that just led onto the fields opposite.  The amount of times I must have driven over that sort of bridge and I never knew it was there before. 

I also enjoyed looked at the limestone and thought I could do with someone knowledgeable here to tell me about it but I will just have to look it up instead.

As I was leaving a couple came down onto the beach with a metal detector so it was a good time to leave.

I drove on down Silverdale Road, which was somewhat like a slalom today, but OK.  I waved to Knottman, Mrs K and Gladders &  C whilst navigating my way through and decided not to stop in Arnside as that too was very busy.

Too peopley really and no social distancing going on that I could see but they weren't loitering either so probably not as bad as it looked at a glance.  Still the businesses in both Silverdale and Arnside should, hopefully, be doing well.

I then went on to Beetham Nurseries, a couple of things I needed to purchase before I came home for lunch.

All in all a pleasant day and I will explore more of Silverdale and the Arnside nature reserves later in the year when it's quieter (I hope).

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