By flavia13


..............1983 by The Eurythmics

AAAArrgghhh - I did this once and then it just "blip"ped and disappeared.  AAh well here goes.

Another very wet day.  I had to take G to the surgery today just for his regular INR check-up (about every 8 weeks).  It had gone up but still OK so, all is good.

We were lucky that his appointment ws whilst there was a break in the rain so we got there and back without getting wet.  Once again he is very impressed with our surgery and wishes his was more like this one - we are very lucky here, it is a good surgery.

Almost completed my photo filing and sorting now and it's been well worth it as I've saved over 50GB of memory.  Will have to update the portable hard disks that I all photos stored on as well then I will be running more efficiently again (I hope).

The blip is of the tree which appears to be at the bottom of our garden but is in fact in a neighbours - I tried to capture the raindrops as well and I think you can make out the torrent of rain that was pouring at the time.  It was taken through the lounge window so you get the added bonus of the smudge of raindrops on the windows as well - aren't you the lucky ones???

Nothing much else to say, too wet to do anything much really.

Hope you are all staying safe and dry.  Take care and see you all tomorrow.

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