Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Bank Holiday Monday

Today I caught the ferry from Southampton across to Hythe, mainly because I've always wanted to see the little electric train that runs down the very long thin pier carrying those who prefer not to walk.  It's publicity says it's the world's oldest pier train (now how much competition do you think it actually has?).  This is it's little 'station' at the far end of the pier which greets you the MOMENT you get off the boat.  Cute, huh?

Many thanks to 60Plus for this weeks' MonoMonday challenge.

Very dear blippers, the bug I've had for several days now has got rather worse today - and there I was assuming if I ignored it it would go away :(  So I'm doing no commenting nor nuffink until the morning, if you'll forgive me.  Thank you and I promise to look at all yours then  xx

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