Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Here's a picture I don't often get to post! For quite a while now, we've been noticing these woods at a junction we find ourselves at often. Today, we finally pulled over, and I had a go at trying to capture it. I think I'd like another attempt.

The day started with a trip into Guildford for haircuts at 9 am! That done, we called in at Chris and Marian's for a coffee and to collect the insurance claim papers Chris printed out for me. Now I just need to fill them out.

We got home in time for lunch. It is hot again and I find it so draining. Frank came back to finish off the light in the walk-in closet. He's got a new sensor and installed it, and it works! In fact, I hadn't realised it, but he used the old bulb, and that works, so I now have a spare. It was extra kind of him to finish the job today as it is his 53rd wedding anniversary! This time, his wife Chris came as well.

We had to do a few things in Guildford, so we headed out there. The first stop was at Shere Surgery to get the results of the blood test I did on Friday. No joy there. They haven't been "verified" yet, so I have to try again tomorrow.

Guildford High Street was incredibly quiet. I can't remember ever seeing it like that. It didn't take long to do the things we went for. I do struggle with how early businesses close here - even cafes!

Back home and it cooled down slightly. G made a delicious penne arrabbiata at my request. August is rapidly coming to an end. Yikes!

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