National Memorial Arboretum

Thursday 29th August 2019

Thankfully the weather changed for the better as we wanted to go to the National Memorial Arboretum, we have been before in 2015. Teleford was the nearest hotel of this chain with the offer on, which is why we ended up there, although it has made me realise how much is here so we'll have to come back. We had also pre-arranged a blipmeet with Tigg and her mum, the first time we have met. 

We were there in time for the Last Post in the chapel, we then booked a buggy and enjoyed a very good tour of some of the harder to reach memorials, including "Free Spirit" the latest to be unveiled. After a lovely lunch in the cafe we walked to the National Armed Forces Memorial, pictured. 

We then said goodbye to Tigg and her mum, it was lovely to meet them and spend some time together. We had more time so decided to go on the Land Train to see some different memorials. 

A wonderful day all round. Now time to go for dinner in the hotel.

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