Home & Away

By HeidiAndDolly

Camping & Pizza

I have not been away in my Campervan for 3 months! And so I decided a bit last minute to go away for 2 nights. I’m staying in Cirencester - a campsite I’ve been to twice before. It’s only a little over an hour from home and the Roman City is only 10 minutes walk from the site. I am tired from my summer and this place is a good place for chilling out and getting some rest. I will go into town tomorrow for a mooch around.

The timing couldn’t have been better. They have a couple with a mobile pizza oven who come to the site on Thursdays. I’ve had their pizza twice before (here and here) so I was happy to indulge! I ordered a 50/50 - two different kinds. And very tasty it was too!

I’m very glad that the heat wave is now over!

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