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By HeidiAndDolly

Cirencester - Blipmeet & Walking Tour

I am camping in Cirencester for a couple of days. I was here a year ago and was looking forward to enjoying this beautiful and historic town once again. I love being able to walk into town through Cirencester Park - the Earl of Bathurst’s estate and ‘back garden’ (all 3000 acres of it!!).

I had the added bonus of meeting up with another blipper - Cherryflapjack! C lives not very far away and had a free day so she met me for a coffee and we had a VERY long and enjoyable coffee break! We’ve never met before today, but we’ve been following each other’s blip journals for a long time. We had LOTS to talk about.

We finished off our visit by walking around the town and taking pictures of lots of beautiful buildings. The top left was once the Cirencester Barracks, built in 1857. Known locally as ‘The Castle’ it sits at the top of Cecily Hill, just outside Cirencester Park. It’s no longer used by the army, but was once occupied by Cirencester College and is now used for commercial purposes.

The bottom left is a primary school. Originally the Blue School (boys, 1714) and the Yellow School (girls, 1722), amalgamated in 1876.

Hares are a symbol of Cirencester and the top right is a hare from the Cotswolds Hare Trail.

I’m afraid I can’t tell you anything about the buildings in the bottom right. I just loved the symmetry of all those windows - square on the left and arched on the right!

For another beautiful view of Cirencester, a terrace row on Cecily Hill, see Cherryflapjack’s blip here.

Oh dear - I’m only here for two nights so I have to leave tomorrow. I think I need to come back SOON! I like this place!

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