By amandoAlentejo

Unseen Beauty

Eating lunch at the conference today, I looked up and saw the shadows of the decorations in the divider, but no-one even noticed it. That's my chair pushed back, thought I'd get a photo. Good job, didn't get much else.

Though we did get a quick trot along the front, but not much time. Some good sessions, but had an awful job staying awake after lunch, it was so stuffy, and I slept badly last night.

- stimulating discussions around the topic of leadership, a word that doesn't exist either in the Bible or in Portuguese (though they've incorporated the word líder from English). Especially relevant to the current crisis (quite glad I've only had time for the headlines).

- scraps of beauty seen, especially in people

- our eldest daughter's birthday today, what a joy she has been in our lives, the person who made me a mother, and who is now a superb mother herself, so much more relaxed than ever I was about it all! Sadly, apart from FT, her beauty was also unseen today by me, anyway. Extra of her at my party in June

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