Paperwork and problem-solving this morning - lots of time-consuming little jobs. And a slight panic when Lu let me know that she couldn't see the footnote references on the copy of her thesis that I returned to her last night. Turned out to be a Microsoft problem, which we managed to overcome, eventually!

MrM is finding it very hard to settle back in to a work routine since our Whitby trip and, partly to put off going in to the workshop, suggested that we go up to the Common after lunch. We did, and spent quite a while watching this little squirrel feast on peanuts in one of the feeders. She didn't seem to be bothered by our presence at all, but as soon as she spotted a small dog in the distance, disappeared up the tree, peanut in hand (extra). Not long before she ventured down again though. On the way home bumped in to Philip and Sandra, friends from across the Border. They came back for coffee, and we spent a pleasant hour or so catching up on each other's news. 

MrM disappeared in to Berwick in the evening to play some Irish tunes, leaving me with a free evening. Relax...

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