Serendipity in Shades of Pink and Blue

I was at the Arboretum on this morning to check out the sunflowers, which are just wonderful. But my first stop is always the lily pond, to see what's going on there.

I took some photos, and I'm not sure which setting I had it on or what button I pushed, but look at what I got: a very strange photo in bright shades of pink and blue!

I was amazed to see that even the LILY PADS were pink. As I said to my little niece, who liked the photo: this photo was produced by unknown magic. Sometimes the magic is unknown even to the photographer!  :-)

Also of note: it is the season when goldfinches can be found here and there throughout the gardens, with the youngsters begging for to be fed. A lot of chirping accompanies the "feed-me" dance that you will see the young ones do.

I caught a shot of a family group among the treetops, with father goldfinch feeding three juveniles, each clamoring for more. You may see that photo in the extras. To be sure, a father's work is never done!

My soundtrack song is in honor of the unknown magic that created the shot above: here's Queen with A Kind of Magic, performed live at Wembley.

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