Keith B

By keibr

An early picture and a late blip...

Not many pictures today, mostly due to the unphotogenic weather. I woke up to the roar of rain on our roof and when it eventually stopped raining it was humid, grey, and misty. I worked on The Red House again and got very sweaty. As I was thinking about stopping work the skies opened once more, and the evening gave us a display of lightning and thunder.
When I wasn't working outside I spent a lot more time than usual reading The Guardian as Boris Johnson announced his plans to close Parliament in the crucial run-up to the end of October. It's a pity the UK doesn't have a written constitution...
The photograph - it's the fruit in my breakfast kefir, lying in the blender jug. The blackcurrants and raspberries come from the garden.  I'm about to add the kefir and whiz it. Delicious!

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