Knowledge and Experience

This building (a work in progress) is being built by a father and son. They started with the raw materials; the planks, nails, screws, insulating material, joining plates and "Windy" covering. After a few days there was this half built car port and insulated shed.  No cranes or big machines were used. The most technical tool was a rather sophisticated saw.  Everything was moved into place by hand.  Neither the father or son is a professional builder, though both have worked with building, alongside their day jobs. The only plans were the basic approved application to the planning authority.
I write all this because I am so impressed by what people can accomplish with the right knowledge and experience, and a little human strength.
Things like this used to be everyday knowledge but that knowledge is disappearing as everyone and everything becomes specialised and everything has to be done efficiently.
Balancing that is the internet, where one can undoubtably download plans and instructions for building a car port, and gain the experience the hard way!

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