By HeidiHH


A sunset among millions of mosquitoes.

One more hot day to go tomorrow and then hopefully this hell will end. And at the same time hopefully most of the idiots tourists will go to hell with the hot weather.

Today one family renting a house not far from us had parked their car so that no one was able to go past. There was a guy stuck in his car between this car and another one he had just been able to pass. So I don't think he was able to reverse past that first car anymore. So as I knew to which house the car belonged to I asked them to move it so people would be able to go past. The guy came out yelling at me in some perhaps eastern European language angry and gestured that just go past. The guy in the car was like WHAT? And then a woman came out of the house and moved the car a bit and the situation was over. I just don't understand why I was yelled at. I was so stunned that I wasn't able to react. If it happened again I would shout some "fuck yous" back at him. How ignorant and selfish are people these days?

(And this is not a legal place to even park a car!) Now that car is front of our yard. Only. Like a statement.

One more day to go!

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