Saturday 31st August 2019

No, not Y, it's a W!

Back in July, Huddsbird wanted to do a  photography project, photographing the letters of the alphabet. We didn't get on too well that day. On Wednesday this week, when I was in Ironbridge, we went into a cafe and on the wall there were lots of framed photos making up words to do with the cafe and Ironbridge. They were fascinating. It reminded me of the project, one many blippers have done but I've never tried.

I took a couple that day but none on Thursday. Yesterday in the Victorian Town I spotted a couple of letters straight off and then I became obsessed. So obsessed in fact that when we looked at my photos yesterday I had more of letters that I did of the town!!  

Last night we pulled them all together and I discovered I was only four letters short of the alphabet. I searched through my pictures again and found two more. I am a completer/finisher so today, when I didn't have a blip, I wanted to find the final two. I was on the sofa in the conservatory and looked up and spotted this W. So that's why! 

As the main photo isn't that interesting I've blipped my first alphabet composite project in the extras. 

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