Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The rowing float and boat

End of an era..... today we began the process of getting rid of that grey float in so many blips... put it in the water in may, take it out in sept... we really don’t need it any longer since no one rows the quad or the double so we are donating it to the Saltspring Island Rowing Club ( in the early days here I rowed with them a few times) ... we just have to deal with logistics, so put it out on our buoy ( just see it beyond the rocks) to take it to the beach tomorrow to take it apart which I think will go there on a barge... AND what’s even more exciting, they will take the quad for their training program too.   Somehow .....not sure how yet.   (We brought it from SSI to here holding it next to a 15’ Boston whaler).
And since we have fit and strong dil K here to help, we also took my lovely rowing boat out of the water today at the barge landing at high tide.   No one will be around next week and it’s not easy/possible for the 2 of us...   so H snapped this with the phone about 5:30 at a high tide.....
The sailboat left today , we needed a wee nap, the girls declined swimming and boating and spent a lot of time making a movie we get to see tomorrow.   And they made me a birthday cake (extra) a few days early.  And there was a performance in the dark with flashlights.  More lights in my other journal.....

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