Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Gloomy glen

The rain continues and the wind's getting up too! Not nice. 

I decided that I'd need to go runner bean picking this morning, not because we've eaten our last picking so much as catching the beans before they turn into tree trunks. Last week I picked 13lbs from our two plots - the outdoor bed is overtaking the indoor now. Two thirds of those I gave to Hope Kitchen 'cos you can only eat so many! (A lot, that is!)

Started off at the Glencruitten Walled Garden where I picked 8lbs - there'll be the same again next week by the look of it. Then I drove the 10 miles or so through Glen Lonan to the polytunnel. The Glen was looking rather sad - very soggy, including the sheep, flooded roads and racing burns. Blip and extra in the Glen.

Another couple of pounds from the tunnel, some tomatoes and back home the main road way. So that's where I've bean today!


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