By Angelique


A before and after capture. On the left you can see how the garden was with three privet bushes a long way from the fence.  I hated them and they kept growing bigger.  After ringing the Agents and gaining permission, we removed them.

On the right you can see we now have a small wildlife pond.  Shelley hasn't fallen in, yet.  It isn't deep but we are hoping to gain a frog or two to keep the slug population at bay.

Went to the hospital today but it was a complete waste of time and the procedure was aborted.  They now want to wait until my Cardiac appointment has been and gone and the pain in my chest sorted.

We took Matthew out for his usual, coke and cake and of course he loved it.  We wont see him until next week when we collect him for our holiday down to Cornwall.

Hope the week ahead is kind to you all.  Sending love xxxx

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