Havendagen - the weekend continues

This Sunday we all went back to the harbour. We had a nice lunch at restaurant De Boegschroef and after that we sailed the Loodskotter again.  Peter and I had done that yesterday too, but today we did it again with the six of us.
Same procedure as yesterday, we timed our entry on the pier, and then walked past all the people waiting and walked on board as the first group. And again nobody objected or even noticed. Hahaha.
We then toured the harbour for half an hour again.

In the evening I took my drone up in the Uitwierde area and captured a fantastic sunset. It was once again a nerve wracking flight because the wind was blowing and rain came nearer and nearer. But the light was georgeous. I probably will show you the results in tomorrows blip. For today I choose a family selfie on board of the Loodskotter.

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