Yesterday the four year old gave me a handmade birthday card which she had very impressively written herself. Before we went out for pizza she, her wee sister and her mum and dad gave me a lovely gift of Cornishware. Not the traditional blue and white (which I think is delightful) but, at my request, this red and white version. Stirling Albion colours!

A new teapot is such a treat. I'd asked for the teapot and a milk jug. But as you see I'd miscalculated my litres. I'm afraid I'm still an imperial measurement person. Not a milk jug but I still love this one which will have many uses I know. Thank you E, N, E & M. And to all my other family and friends for their kind cards and gifts. Lucky me.

I've been awake for so long it feels more like lunchtime than breakfast to me. I suspect it'll be a slow day here.

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