Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Love on a leaf

Despairing of finding a shot to commemorate the day, I caught sight of this leaf drifting about 6 feet off the shore of the lake.  Lens to eye - squeal of delight - click, click, click.  The damselflies could not have cared less - they were having their own little version of Woodstock on their floating leaf.  I've not seen this species of damselfly so will have to get my book out when I get home and attempt to ID them.  

If you aren't entirely sure what's going on, the males have hold of the female's "necks" while the females deposit eggs on the underside of the leaf. Why there are four of them is not something I can answer.

Hubs and I have had a wonderful day.  We went out on the Lake twice - this morning on a paddleboat (a first for us) and late this afternoon on a tandem kayak.  On the second trip a big Bald Eagle flew right over our heads and perched in a beautiful patch of sun. No camera, just our eyes. It has been wonderful spending time together.  A very wonderful way to celebrate our anniversary.  

We'll be heading home tomorrow - back to life.

For now, martinis at the edge of the lake...


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