By Veronica

Old crock

To the physio today. I drove myself there, and "cycled" a kilometre. Slowly improving, but it's only two weeks till lift-off for Italy, so I'm still a bit anxious. I took my one photo of the day in the car park.

In the evening, a 2-hour choir committee meeting. We'd been invited round to S and T's for an apéro dinatoire, so I said I'd catch them there if I felt up to it after the meeting. I did, but was a little taken aback when I arrived at 10 pm to find everyone sitting round the table eating dinner -- I'd expected a less formal affair that I could gatecrash. But another place setting was swiftly found and despite saying they'd eaten everything, S found me some food. Conversation was lively, and we didn't leave till nearly 1 a.m. ...

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