Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Going home


It's that time again!

Another early start to the day. There is much to do and only so much time, so no hanging around. Glad to say it all got done in time. G even got the sheets washed and ironed before we left!

There was time to pop into Guildford to visit a couple of shops, the bank and refuel the car before handing it back. Back at the Lodge, and the plants that have been on the decking, cheering us up no end had to placed in a cooler area where the sun won't beat down on them all day long. Our neighbour is away and we're not sure when Eileen can come to collect them to take them to her patio garden where they will, no doubt, cheer her up no end! :)

I'm glad we left early as there was a bit of a queue on the M25. Car delivered back easily and then it was a case of dropping off the bags. I don't know about you, but I really do prefer having a human to deal with rather than dealing with a machine. We needed help immediately. My bag was three kilos over, but G's was the same amount less. Normally, when two people are travelling together, they just take the combined weight of the bags, but computers don't do that.

Long story short, the member of staff who we called on for help got us on our way, even though he grumbled a bit a the start. On to security, and G always seems to have to go through the body scanner, and today, I had to have my trolley bag opened. No idea why; we are such seasoned travellers, we know what not to put into hand luggage. They seemed to have an issue with a mobile phone and a card adaptor, but no idea what else to do with the items, so I was let off after about ten minutes.

It was good to get to a quiet area and sit and eat the fruit G had packed. She was trying to use up as much as what she could of the fridge. We go to the gate early. My blip is of the aircraft that brought us home. No turbulence and a very good transit time. The big downside was having to sit in the middle seat of the middle aisle because I forgot to check-in online 24 hours before the flight. Grrrrr...

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