By Number147

Panty Girdle

The sun went in and out today. Sometimes chilly and sometimes warm.

I liked these sunflowers along the canal. Hopefully, I shall remember next Spring and buy some seeds.

Something funny happened at work today! I'm going to blow my own trumpet now...I made a man stop in his tracks when he came into the office.  Karen, who he came in to see, said he did not take his off me and, at the end of his conversation with her, it was me who he thanked and my hand he shook. I still have it going on with my white hair and age spots. 

A good, fun day at work. No problem with my members; they were lovely but other people were challenging. I'll be glad when Carol is back from her holiday.

My favourite 99 year old took me aside to tell me she had forgotton to put her panty girdle on! (What is a panty girdle?) 

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