Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Theatre Royal, Newcastle

Today I finally saw Les Miserables.  I actually bought my ticket ( which cost £50 ) in June last year.... its been a long wait.  I have never seen the film and I didn't watch the TV series so it was good to see the stage show without knowing too much about it.  From what I could gather most of the people in the audience had seen the show  many times before.  One lady saw it last week - and she's going again next week.  I did enjoy it but I can't see myself going to see it again in future. 

Musical link  Empty Chairs at Empty Tables from Les Miserables sung by Michael Ball

It was a long performance - 2 hrs 50 mins ( including the 15 min interval ) so we exited the theatre around 4.50pm.  Time to do a bit of shopping in town before coming home.

Other news - I won a prize which was delivered today.  Yesterday I saw a  competition on the village residents Facebook page.  It was to win a small Riverford vegetable box.  You had to comment saying your favourite vegetable ( tomatoes for me ) and then message Riverford to let them know your address in case you won.  I was delighted to get a message this morning to say I was the winner. ( Reading between the lines I get the impression that not many people entered ). Anyway I said I would be out so when they delivered the veg box they put it in my garage.  Inside there are potatoes, onions, courgettes, sweetcorn, carrots, French beans and a large Savoy cabbage. Great prize.

Steps today - 5,605

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