First of all today was my dentists appointment.  You may remember all the trouble I had last week with the temporary crown not wanting to come out - and the permanent crown not being up to standard and the temporary crown being put back in.  Well today ..... the temporary crown popped out straight away. What a relief.  And the permanent crown was fine and was fitted easily.  So its all good.  ( Apart from the price of course ).

Then I got the bus to Newcastle. I stopped off in the Grainger Market to buy something to eat for my lunch.  I chose a Pan Haggerty Pie.  Pan Haggerty is a Northumbrian dish made from potatoes, cheese and onions. The " pie " was more like a quiche as it had a pastry base but no top.  I have put a photo in my Extras.   ( As you can tell I wasn't counting syns today ).

Then I decided to head for Leazes Park to get my Wide Wednesday shot.  The theme is weather.  Well the weather today was bright, warm and calm.  I chose a bench by the lake to sit on and take my blip shot. Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting. 

I have added couple of other shots to my extras  -  a swan  and a trio of Canada geese.

I ate and enjoyed my pie and was just relaxing when a man and a woman sat down on the bench beside me.  I said something about how nice the weather was and did they come to the park often ........ and we ended up chatting for over an hour.  They were from Oman and had been in the UK for 2 months visiting their daughter who is studying ENT at The Freeman Hospital.  She had been receiving excellent training and was due to return home to Oman next year - fully trained.  During their vist they have been to Edinburgh, The Lake District, Durham and Whitley Bay.  They love Newcastle and have enjoyed their time here.  I complimented them on their excellent English and was surprised to hear that its their third language.  First is Arabic and second is Russian as they both studied in Russia. They fly home to Oman at 6am tomorrow.  It was really nice chatting with them.

Then I went to the Newcastle United Club shop which was nearby.  I had a good look around and tried loads of things on but in the end only bought one item.

Then to Waitrose for some food shopping.  I got a few items from the list Becky has sent of things she and Mike need while they are here over the weekend ........" posh " bacon, spinach, apples, bananas, satsumas, ground coffee and Pale Ale.  I will get the rest on Friday.

Steps today - 13,414

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