I was expecting a parcel so I had to wait at home until it arrived.  While I was waiting I decided to have a go at putting together a couple of purchases from Ikea.  They are metal rack things on wheels.  My kitchen worktops have become very cluttered with jars of spices etc and I thought I could use the racks to store the jars to free up space on my worktops. Ive had the racks for ages but never got round to making them so today was the day.  Or should I say today was the day I made one of them. It took me quite a while to put together so I decided to leave the second one until another day.

While I was doing my rack building I was also having a WhatsApp conversation with Becky.  She was pleased to tell me that she had been able to start riding her bike to and from work.  She is able to grip the bike handle with her gammy hand.  She still wears the brace but her hand is much improved.  We are both getting excited for this coming weekend ..... its the Great North Run.  Becky and Mike are running it for the first time ( Becky did the Junior version many times but has never done the adult event ).  They will be staying with me while they are in the area.  Their neighbour Ben is also running..... he isn't staying with me.  And of course Neil and his girlfriend Rachael are running.  And Emma -  my fitness instructor.  So many to watch out for as I spectate.

The parcel delivery came at 2pm.  The box contained cat litter, tins and pouches of cat food, bird seed and bird treats.  Very heavy.  Some of the cat food tins were the wrong ones so I have sent off an e mail.

Walked to the Co-op later on.  Didn't need much shopping  but I needed the exercise. The weather today has been lovely - warm and sunny.  Such a change from the constant rain of yesterday.

As I was hanging the washing out this afternoon I noticed lots of new leaves on the ivy.  So this is what I have blipped for Tiny Tuesday.  Thanks to dbifulco for hosting.  (I must have altered the size setting on my camera by mistake so the image came out  too small. )

I am sitting on a dining room chair at the computer at the moment as a certain Bengal gentleman has decided to take a nap on my computer chair.  He woke up as I moved the chair out of the way - see Extra photo - but he didn't get off.  He settled back to sleep.  He's never slept on the computer chair before so it was a surprise to find him there this evening.

Steps today - 8,044

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