Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Little Birdie

Morrisons this morning for the big shop.  Spent the rest of the day at home - mostly watching TV and ironing. 

My brother Colin phoned and we talked for around half an hour.   He is doing a few jobs around his house trying to keep busy.  And he has bought some wood and wants to come up here and put some "shelves"  up in the cat enclosure for Tino and Lily to sit on. I said that was Ok as he sounded really keen on doing it.  He will come here when he has a free day. ( and when he has the money for a taxi ).

It was a dry day until around 4pm when the heavens opened.  It rained heavily for around 2 hours. As I had no blip shot  I decided to nip into the garden to find inspiration. I was about to take a photo of some wet leaves when I spotted this blue tit on the fat ball feeder.  Its my entry for Wild Wednesday hosted by Cailleach

Musical link SING LITTLE BIRDIE- by Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson

This song was the UK entry in The Eurovision Song Contest in 1959. It finished in second place.  I remember watching as a 7 year old and hoping our entry would win.

Steps today - 5,725

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