Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Quiet day at home today.  Haven't done much really. Weather was sunny and warm for most of the day but its been raining this evening.

Received an outfit in then post this morning - top and skirt. The top was the correct size as per listing.  But the skirt was 2 sizes smaller.  So obviously it didn't fit.  Contacted seller and got an instant refund.

Iceland delivery came this evening.  As the driver handed me one of the carrier bags juice started running out of it.  A pack of frozen blueberries - completely defrosted - was leaking.   Driver said " Just phone up and they will sort it ".  Well " they " might have sorted it if I had been able to speak to them.  Over about 45 mins I tried and tried to get through to the number provided.  Engaged every time.  So I gave up and sent an e mail.  

I have bought a lot of plants this year - mostly outdoor but a few indoor ones too.  Almost all of them have been bought after seeing a certain plant on someone's blip.  I got this Anthurium after seeing one on davidc's blip ( his is a  red version ). The yellow part of the plant is the spadix and is formed from tiny flowers and the pretty white parts are spathes - large bracts forming a sheath to enclose the flower clusters. Even the leaves are lovely -  very glossy. 

My musical link is - the BBC Match of the Day theme tune    I heard an ice cream van playing this tune while I was in the garden this afternoon.  I thought it was a very unusual choice of music.

Steps today - 3,814

CORONA CLASSIC - David Garrett - Bitter Sweet Symphony

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