Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Had a lazy morning mostly watching TV.  I dd put a load of washing on and did the washing up - nothing too taxing.

Then I walked sown to the Health Centre - I had an appointment with the nurse for a blood test ( to check on my potassium levels ) and blood pressure test.  I had to do a sitting blood pressure test and then two standing ones taken after 1 minute and 3 minutes.  The sitting one was high - ish.  The first standing one was VERY high and the second standing one was similar to the sitting one.  No idea what the doc will make of that.  We shall see in due course.

Musical link  CINDY by  Ricky Nelson

Why this choice ... well the name of the nurse I saw was Cindy.

Then I did a bit of shopping in the village - including the purchase of one fig.  I don't buy figs very often but when I saw some big fat juicy ones in the greengrocers I was tempted.  I have eaten it topped with honey and thick Greek yogurt. Delicious.  I'm tagging my shot for Tiny Tuesday hosted by JDO

Steps today - 5,448

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