By Kipsie

Teign Estuary Collection

Natural v manmade ...  there was more, a kilo of sloes now divided and shared with friends making sloe gin, a tub of blackberries, plus honesty, cow parsley, & a. n. other seed which I'm still trying to identify. Plenty of feathers to be found along the shore line & neighbouring fields, I counted 13 swans in one group near Coombe Cellars as I set off on my walk a couple of days back, along with a Little Egret.  Plenty of gulls of one kind or another on the mud banks. It's a lovely area to walk, apart from the pong of the sewage works, but unfortunately there is plenty of rubbish too, mainly sweet packets, aluminium cans, plastic drink straws & on this occasion 2 lighters, a metal bottle cap, an empty gin bottle, 2 beer bottles, plastic bottles, a plastic tub with a picture of Teignmouth Pier printed on it, a pair of discarded muddied shoes, OPS!, an artificial rose & my prize find, a piece of rusty old metal. I'm not sure what it is from but it went into the boot of my car and is currently tucked away up on the allotment.  Fortunately hubby has'nt seen it as I know what his response would be .. LOL!!! I think it will be part of "something" for the garden ..The other rubbish I sorted back at Hearn field and deposited into the respective council bins.

Today .. Up the allotment early. Dismantled the 2 rows of runner bean plants & poles. Plants into the composter, canes stored for next year. Fed the borlotti beans , pumpkin & squash plants with the diluted comfrey. A genius idea of mine re-purposing the wormery I inherited with the plot, it's working a treat, positioned directly next to the patch of comfrey plants. Food for free :) Popped over to say hello to Richard & Shirley, they're lifting all their potato crop, drying them before storing in their garage. Richard offered me some leek plants, I offered them some windfall apples, the exchange would take place outside my front door later in the day.

Brunch at home, then hubby & I nipped into N.A to get some cash from the bank to pay for the new car he's picked up this afternoon. A group of very loud, foul mouthed, filthy looking people were drinking on one of the pedestrianized areas. What a disgrace! Around the corner a young lady was singing, entertaining the shoppers in Courtenay street. She had a beautiful voice. I popped in a few charity shops looking for beads, I found 3 bracelets & 2 necklaces perfect for a makeover. My current  project nearing completion.  Back home, I dropped hubby off to a mates. They were going together to pick up the car, when I got back  there was a pot of leek plants, & 4 lovely beetroot. The exchange made, I went straight to the allotment, turned a piece of ground, added some well rotted compost then began planting out the leeks. Richard had told me how to plant them earlier in the day, but I don't possess a dibber. After scrabbling around in my shed I settled for the metal digging bar which is quite heavy & approximately 4' in length. A tad clumsy for the job but the ground is on the heavy side, it got the job done, well I got 40 plants into the piece of ground I'd prepared. I still have the same again if not more to go in. Yet another job to add to my list. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon if it's dry.
Home again made dinner.

Rang George & Jean. I'm off there at 7.30 tomorrow morning to get a few hours gardening in.

Time for bed ...

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting the Thursday challenge

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