By Kipsie

Saint Peter the Apostle Parish Church of Shaldon

the church I looked inside yesterday. It's an odd mix of stone, colours, textures, quite drab & dark, more like a prison than a place of welcome. Visited again today for W ....i....d...e... W..e...d.....n...e...s...d...a....y.  Shaldon is a village not even a town, never mind a city. I did consider driving to Newton Abbot, a town, as the multi storey car park, I think the tallest building in the town, caught my eye once before, & thought I would like to photograph it, but after meeting cassiesmum for a lovely chat & coffee beach side in Shaldon this morning, I decided I did'nt really have the time to drive to N.A, plus it was market day so I possibly would'nt be able to park near enough for a quick out of the car, snap, & off again.

Yogi & I had a lovely walk first thing, then a few household chores before going to meet cassiesmum. Blow me, as I was walking through the village, I spotted a better view of yesterdays Blip. I then crossed the road, & could see her quite clearly through the front gate. I think I preferred the mystery of yesterday. The front garden was a bit "Disney".

I nipped across the river for a quick shop in Morrison's. I needed a snack for lunch. Browsed the meat section .. found an absolute bargain, well four bargains actually. Someone must have been daydreaming when they were pricing the pig's cheeks, not a cut of meat I'm familiar with, although friends have cooked with them on a foodie FB page. They were packed in 2's & labelled as British pork rind for crackling. Me being a complete idiot was looking at them through the wrapping trying to work out where the rind was .. must be on the back of the flesh ... how strange. Well at 25pence per pack what did I have to lose. Tomorrow I shall be Googling recipes for pigs cheeks. I think I bought cod cheeks once, a long time ago & was'nt impressed. They cost a lot more than 25pence too. I believe in nose to tail cooking/eating so fingers crossed they make a cheeky little dinner. :) Back to Teignharvey, ate lunch in the sunshine, packed my stuff in the car, whizzed around with the Dyson. Would I ever spend £200-300 on a vacuum cleaner. No I don't think so, although I do like the cordless feature. Yogi & I went out for our afternoon bimble, back again, I replanted some lavender that were falling out of a terracotta container, did a bit of weeding outside the front door, pruned the half standard bay tree by the front door, & surprise surprise did some deadheading.

Karen arrived on the dot of 1700hrs, we chatted for about 25minutes then I headed home via the allotment.  The back road into Chudleigh off the A380 runs through part of the Ugbrooke Estate where the new road side signs made me chuckle. Caution ducks crossing! They should have another sign dotted around the lanes, & along the A380. Caution pheasants running for their lives !.. Back to the allotment, the swede plants all look to have taken.Yay!! I picked runner beans, certainly not many more. No courgettes, they could be finished as well. Just enough back home to make another batch of chutney, a spicy one this time. Sweetcorn are ripening slowly, some rain would probably plump them up a bit. I gathered some nasturtium seeds that had fallen on the path. I'll scatter them outside the house.  Back home unloaded the car, opened a can of cider, no surprise there then made dinner.

Now time for bed. Goodnight blippers!

Thanks to Steveng for setting the challenge .. NOT a city I'm afraid, NOT even a town.

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