By Kipsie

My Shaldon bimble

A busy day today. An early coffee & read a couple of chapters of The History of Insects, then breakfast before Yogi & I went down to Hearn field to stretch our legs. We went across to the fields beyond Coombe Cellars. Thankfully the arable crop has been harvested so a bit more scope with my ball flinging without it disappearing into the hedge or anywhere else. Yogi had to have a swim in the estuary. Great! I forgot to pack the towel in the car. Just have to run around a lot before getting in the car.
Drove into Shaldon, picked Anna up with her charity shop bags. She has a doctors appointment in Teignmouth, plus is attempting to clear some of her belongings as her daughter is having major surgery in Bristol next month and will need to stay with Anna for her recovery, so I loaded 4 bags of stuff to be dropped off in a charity shop. We found a 1hour free parking space, just around the corner from the Rowcroft Hospice shop so perfect. Dropped off the bags then said goodbye. I had a mooch looking for some beads. I felt sure I would find some in Teignmouth but nope, not 1 string. Did manage to buy 1 tub of chewing gum from the £1 shop. Only 1 tub of bubblegum flavour, which was a tad annoying as they had outers of spearmint & peppermint, neither of which I can eat because of it being too strong a flavour. Its normally at least £2 per tub so quite a saving when they have it in stock. I managed to get elastic bands for Mum & 2 packs of poly bags. Not before scouring the shelves for a ruler. My metric conversions are rubbish but I eventually found a ruler for sale in the craft section. Job done! Wandered around to have a browse in TAAG where they have an exhibition on - Inside TRAIL Gallery Exhibition . A Mix of art created from recycled/reclaimed materials were on display & for sale. A couple of the artists were there. Petra Turner was running a walk in workshop, while Colin Wares was manning the information desk. I got chatting to him when I realised he was the artist responsible for the flowers made from recycled drink cans. Something along the lines of what I plan to do with my trash collection.

Oh, Smiths! Mum wanted photo corners. 300 for £1.99. That should keep Mum occupied for a while, sorting family photos, & the many photos taken on pub outings, & trips abroad. A number of the locals went away for short breaks together, Mum & Dad included. Back in the days when my brother Roger would run the bar, & I would make the bar snacks.  Back to the car, then across to Shaldon.  Saint Peter the Apostle Parish church of Shaldon is just after the bridge, it's a rather depressing looking building, one that I wanted to take a closer look at so managed to park my car in a side street and walk back. The church was open so I managed to take a look inside as well. The architecture of these buildings is what fascinates me. The vaulted ceilings, the figures carved on the ends of pews.The craftsmanship. I continued to mooch around the tiny back streets. As I was heading back towards the car I spotted this tiny section of a naked woman above the top of a high wall. I imagine the hedge has been sculpted to mimic her hair. I would have loved to have got a look from another angle but not possible. I wonder how many others have spotted her.
Got a message from Jos cancelling our walk this afternoon. Never mind Yogi & I are still going to do it. A quick lunch then we set off. 13:45. Forgot to pack my rucksack which was a bit of a nuisance but needed to carry  an assortment of containers plus a couple of bags. 1 bag for the rubbish I was bound to find along the way, containers for blackberries, sloes, & anything else that took my fancy. I Parked at Hearn field across the back of Coombe Cellars up through the fields, onto the lane which runs parallel with the river Teign estuary, down through a small hamlet of very nice old properties, which I guess would be part of Combeinteignhead, we wandered on , down by the sewage works onto the beach. At this point i had a tub of sloes, a tub of blackberries, hazelnuts, some random bird feathers, squashed plastic bottles, a beer can plus some odd bis of sweet wrappers. This was before I walked along the beach back towards Shaldon. I did a quick sort out, the last thing I wanted was to lose the fruit I'd picked. By the time we reached Coombe Cellars car park my arms were nearly hanging off, the handles on my Tesco's paper bag looked about to fall apart from the weight, I could'nt have carried any more. I took it up to the Council recycling bins, sorted it out, loaded Yogi up and set off back for a well earned glass of cider sat in the garden.
Easy dinner. Another bowl of homemade leek & potato soup. So tasty.

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