By Kipsie

It's soup weather

I was planning on sharing a rather beautiful image of Traveller's Joy glistening in the beautiful morning sunshine, but due to a technical error, I'm sharing tonight's dinner with you, luckily taken with my phone. Homemade leek n potato soup that I made yesterday.

Earlier today, before leaving home I potted up some pieces of sedum, did a laundry load, fetched milk & paper for hubby. Arrived down here in Teign Harvey at 9am. Yogi was pleased to see me, Karen set off, I dropped my bag, & we set off for a lovely walk around the bridle paths. Lots of blackberries but nothing to put them in. Rather remiss of me. Will remember tomorrow. Did pick up a squashed plastic coke bottle which I used for the seed I was collecting. There's a patch of purple Honesty on the lane which has gone to seed. Perfect colour for my garden. 2 roadkill cans completed my countryside litter sweep today.
Back from our walk I unpacked, then mooched around the garden, Yogi ever present with a ball in his mouth. Love 'I'm! Picked up loads of windfall apples from the Lawn, some a bit maggot but they will be good for chutney or apple sauce for the freezer. Had a message on my phone from an old friend in Germany telling me that a mutual German friend had been found unconscious in her bathroom, she'd been lying there for approximately 8 hours, & had suffered a brain aneurism. She's been in ICU for a week. I was so shocked to hear this news. Such a lovely person, we first met when I was living in Thailand, I hope she recovers without any handicap but I think that is unlikely.
I popped over to Morrison's, first thing I spotted were sleeved perennials. I could' nt resist the Eryngiums, they were good healthy looking plants. Picked up a few other bits, then decided to grab a coffee in their cafe. Had a funny chat with a man ahead of me in the queue. We covered what are insides must look like if going by the interior of the teapot he was holding, plus the affects of coffee, & curry, plus racism when we eventually got to the self serve beverage dispenser. I read in the paper this morning that a song titled. Melting Pot sung by Blue Mink in the 70's was considered racist, which if you know the lyrics is I guess, but not in a nasty sense I believe. What is the matter with the world today.
Met Anna in Shaldon, dropped off her lavender plus a bag of windfalls to make some chutney, we walked into the village and had coffee sat outside The Clipper, overlooking the Teign. It got quite chilly walking back. Shaldon bowling teams were playing. They would have made a great Mono Monday image in their whites, as would the ladies sat on the beach in deckchairs wrapped up in their fleeces, but I would have taken those with my camera which I'd stupidly left in the car. Never mind I couldn't have used them due to the technical hitch. Anna & I had a few laughs about hoarding and lack of space, both very similar by the sound of it, anyway I offered to give her lift into Teignmouth tomorrow morning. She needs to drop bags off to the charity shop & I need to find some more beads for my present project.
Back home to Yogi, we had a walk then it was time for dinner. A quick warm up was all this soup needed plus a swirl of cream & chopped chives.
Off to watch Celebrity Masterchef in peace. Hubby would be chuntering away if he was here, which he's not. Lol!
See you again tomorrow.

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