Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Pink Sunset

It's Friday! I was up on time and ready to head out to the service. We were told in advance it was not going to follow the normal pattern. It was good to meet up with some of our friends at the end and have a chat.

Back home for lunch and to relax. We caught an interesting movie on one of the free channels - The Next Three Days. It had us hooked, but I sure hope I never find myself in a situation like that!

We needed to get to a money exchange, so ventured out around 5:30. Our usual exchange really wowed me today. I was told to come last night as the pound had reached the rate I'd wanted but I wasn't able to get there. It dropped today, but to my amazement, they honoured the rate they quoted last night. I felt very humbled.

We went for a drive through old parts of Dubai mainly around the Creek before getting home. The sun sets much earlier over here. 6:40 pm these days. The dhow wharfage was good to revisit - which is where both my blips are from. The extra is of fishing boats moored for the night. The second extra shows a cargo boat ready to leave soon. I can't believe how much it's been loaded!

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