Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


I drove G to school today. Fortunately, it was a 9:30 start, so not too tough. Apparently, it was the first day that everyone went back to work en masse. So we had the usual Sunday traffic chaos.

I dropped G off, went to get some petrol and do the recycling and then swung by Burj Al Arab beach to check out what's happening with the construction of the new resort when G messaged to say "Come back and get me!" Her first class of the day have had to go online as one of the students has COVID-19. She had an hour to kill before her next lesson, so we went to the Mall. There's not much you can do there.

I dropped G back and went over to Time Square mall. I found a new coffee shop and the perfect place to do some work for a couple of hours. We got home to a beautifully cleaned flat.

G had more work to do in the evening and cancelled out her online lesson. I spent several hours working on my second video. It has a moving background so something new to workout. It got past midnight and I finally finished it, but it was too late to upload. I can see the next few weeks are going to be really intense and there's not going to be time for too many things.

PS. I wonder how the guests of this 7-star hotel feel staying on a construction site!

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