Bang, OUCH

It wasn’t actually ‘ouch’ I said when this toe hit something just hours before undergoing yesterday’s shoulder surgery.

Q: What did the fractured toe ask its neighbor?
A: Will you be my buddy?

Thanks for all of the wishes for a speedy recovery on yesterday’s blip. I tried to reply but could only manage a few people. I thought using the phone would be a lot easier than it is. At the moment, the phone is about an inch from my face and it’s making me cross-eyed.

They sent me a sweet but completely useless caregiver this evening. I expect to repeat directions for my mother but this was like having a second person with Alzheimer’s here. I need someone to help make me comfortable (like plugging in the cooling machine) and cooking. I thought sautéing peppers and onions then tossing in scrambled eggs would be easy to prepare but I came out of the bathroom to the screeching of the smoke alarms. After placing some adequate food on the table...without onions...for dinner she apologized and said “I’m not used to this.” I asked what that meant and she said, “cooking for other people.”

Ahhh....the Percocet finally kicked in.

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