Can’t wait to hold a camera two or three months.

Finally. Over. Next: six weeks in a humongous and bulky sling. They didn’t put it on correctly which was extremely uncomfortable (and which will be relayed to my doctor). I had to take my own photo because the nurses were paranoid. She was snarky, too. I was having a little bit of difficulty getting alert when she cracked, “You can take a selfie but you can’t wake up?”

I really don’t know what was done inside my shoulder. The doctor spoke to my friend afterwards. She was totally useless when relaying the surgical details back to me. I guess I’ll have to wait for my follow up appointment in 2 weeks.
As far as I know everything went okay.

I’m feeling no pain at the moment thanks to the nerve block; however, I’m experiencing terrible pain in a different part of my body. In a nutshell, I was awakened suddenly, stumbled out of bed and POUNDED my little toe into something. I don’t even know what I hit. Immediately I couldn’t walk. I wasn’t even able to get a sock on so had to wear a slipper to the surgery center.

The doctor said he was sure it’s broken so while I was under he buddy taped it for me. Perfect timing. Hopefully, that’s the worst possible outcome from today’s events.

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