By PicturePoems

Lunar Layers

I've wrapped the moon in plastic.
It shouldn't harm our planet.
The plastic's only virtual
So no-one's going to ban it.

by Moi

Taken on our walk this evening. It's been a lovely day, and I kind-of invented a new recipe for lunch. Though we're not vegetarian, we both like roast nut-loaf. It's usually quite a faff to make, but today I had this great cheating idea ...

I made up a packet of Paxo thyme and leek stuffing, and once it had cooled I stirred in an egg, some grated cheese and finely chopped cashews and mushrooms plus a splash of Tommy K. Stirred it well and squished it into a loaf tin. Baked it for 25 minutes and served it sliced and garnished with fresh tomato slices. It was delicious and, I think, nutritious. Shall do it again - and might add more ingredients - perhaps some finely grated carrot and some Vegemite. We shall see.

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