By PicturePoems


Since I repotted this plant a couple of years ago, it's grown and grown. Now it's almost taking over the bathroom. But I'm so excited each time a new flower uncurls. I think these six are the most it's had at once since its arrival as a very small plant many Christmasses ago.

The flowers are so shiny, they almost look as if they were made out of plastic. I think it thrives on steam as, apart from repotting it, I give it little care; only watering it when I remember. Seems happy with that treatment!

After a cool start, the day turned really warm and sunny. Mr PP went to archery this morning. It's the only activity either of us does outside the house at present. (I do miss line dancing, especially, and table tennis, too.) Still, I did quite a bit of gardening this afternoon and filled the bin ready for tomorrow's brown bin collection day. Best kind of exercise!

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