By Kipsie

I might not bother with cues next year.

Jim, my allotment neighbour gave me 2 plants, so I popped them in a tub in the greenhouse, fed them when I thought about it, pinched out the male flowers, when I thought about it.  Irregular watering, or just lack of interest, whatever it was my cucumber husbandry leaves a lot to be desired, so don't worry blouseybrown you're not alone when it comes to greenfingered disappointments. How many cucumbers can you eat in the course of one season anyway. We ate 1, gave two away, correction 3, the left hand specimen went to our neighbours today , Sunday, (I'm back Blipping. Ran out of time yesterday), along with some courgettes & a sweetcorn from the allotment, plus some windfall apples as a thank you for inviting hubby & me to their celebrating summer barbie. Liam apparently makes his own ale,  'Jasper Ale' which would be offered & supped along with homemade Pinot Grigio. Well 'Jasper Ale' had to be subbed at the last minute with some cans from the offie as it was'nt drinkable. I was'nt going to drink it anyway, I took a can of cider, it was cider o' clock when I arrived, :) oh & a bottle of Merlot for the hosts. I thought I might have recognised some of our neighbours but did'nt know a soul, & as hubby did'nt accompany me I did'nt stay long.

Earlier in the day I headed off to the allotment to turn some ground and plant the remainder of the leek plants, well, seedlings, barely seedlings, actually. The instructions for pricking out began something like this -  "Plant out when seedlings are the thickness of a pencil". The majority of these seedlings were barely the thickness of the lead, but I've planted them all, given them a good talking to plus a soupçon of chicken pelleted manure so I'll keep everything crossed.
My first compost bin emptied, time to shake the other 2 up .. Compost bin no 2 is nearly full, I added a layer of horse poo back along, yesterday I added a layer of beech leaves which I bagged up last autumn,  I thought they would have broken down a bit but they have'nt, and to help the composting process I added some watered down comfrey fertilizer that I've been making. Bin no 3 is chockafull.
I'm sat here trying to remember what else happened yesterday but it IS 24 hours ago.
Ah, we watched Strictly Come Dancing. I was still cooking dinner when the first programme of the new series started ,so did'nt catch the first 15 minutes. I'd forgotten how complicated it can be watching with my husband. I only recognised 2 of the celebrities, hubby did'nt know any of them, so kept asking me who were the professionals, & who were the celebrities .. Phew!!! Well I knew who the professionals were so I did have a slight advantage .. Got 2 weeks off now before we go through it all again. I was actually very surprised when he showed a little interest in watching the last series. My cider intake may  increase every Saturday evening from now until Xmas.

Thanks to admirer for hosting

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