By Kipsie


but sadly will never get that rusty characterful patina that comes with old age. No, this discarded plastic coated paper soft drink beaker, plastic straw, & plastic lid will probably roll about the roadside for a while before taking up residency in the gutter or undergrowth along with the myriad other objects that I spotted this afternoon on my walk around the area with Millie, my canine pal for the next 2 weeks here on the English Riviera. Don't let me get started ..
Earlier today ...  The flippin music that I heard late last night, & in the middle of the night was still to be heard when I got up this morning. After a quick coffee I headed  to the town orchard, I've got my eye on the cobnuts that have been falling. Hoping to get some before the squirrels. Not many to be had. Bumped into Liz Gill walking her dogs. She told me she was off home to make runner bean chutney to sell in the family fruit & veg shop. I thought she said she was going to use a Spong cast iron mincer that she'd borrowed, so told her I had one at home she could happily have, & that I'd drop it off at her cottage a little later. Nipped up the allotment, gave everything a good watering, removed some of the leaves on the Borlotti plants. I'm hoping the bean pods will dry so thinking it would be good to get the sunshine to them. I opened one pod, removed the beans which had a made a decent size. Picked the last of the raspberries, 2 courgettes, runner beans, & 3 corn cobs.
Back home, grabbed the mincer, popped it in a bag and left it on Liz's doorstep,  then made us  both a hearty breakfast. Upstairs packing my bag, hubby shouted to me. Liz had returned the mincer it was a Spong cast iron bean slicer she was using not a mincer.
Left for Torquay at 2.30, nipped into Asda for some cider on the way. J&V left for Bristol airport, I unpacked, then Millie & I went out for our walk. First walk of the stay & already picked up 6 roadkill aluminium cans. The recycling bin is going to be full I reckon.
Made a pot of veggie soup for dinner. Added my freshly harvested Borlotti beans. Made enough for two days :) Just need to get a crusty roll for tomorrow. Easy!

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting

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