Just one of my unfinished projects,

one of 3 hand painted, hand quilted, cotton panels, that need to be completed by adding piping cord, backs, & zips. A rainy day project, along with many others awaiting my attention in the spare bedroom.
Early couple of hours on the plot, followed by an hour at Mum's attempting to get her new router up & running. It appears BT have a problem with Mum's line, which is why the Post Office router won't function. Not good enough. The transfer should have happened yesterday. No incoming calls possible, but Mum can call out. I left my mobile number with the Post Office so that they could contact me when it's fixed. I've not heard a dicky bird. GRHHH!! So annoying, & frustrating.
Out with the maids this afternoon, celebrating Jorgiesmum's imminent birthday. We had cake, huge slices of cake, sat outside in the garden of Hill House Nursery in glorious sunshine, teh wasps soon got word unfortunately. The birthday girl getting stung twice .... ouch! ouch! Nicky, Carolyn & myself bought plants, not sure if Jorgiesmum did. Did you?? 
I'm sat here feeling absolutely stuffed, & did'nt finish my slice of coffee cake. What did I buy .... I bought a Hedychium densiflorum - Ginger lily. :-)

Thanks to MaryElizaR for hosting and challenging us with the subject 'Stitches'.

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