By Kipsie

The cat stood on the mat

When I arrive at Millies house, and take my stuff upstairs to unpack the first thing I do is turn this cat around so that its facing the mirror, what I should do is  move it to the other side of the bed so that I can't see it at all. I don't like animals in the bedroom, & this cat spooks me. In fact before I go any further I'm going to move it as I'm sat here typing this in the bedroom and I feel like I'm being watched ..... back in a mo. Done!

Back blip as I had a slight technical hitch involving electrics last evening.
Yesterday it rained, Millie & I got soaking wet, but not right through as I had packed waterproof trousers. We had a lovely walk but no photos, it was'nt the weather to hang about in. I did manage to pick up some hazelnuts that had fallen. Did my good deed of the day by knocking on a door & informing the occupant they had left their car lights on.
Rainy day project, strip the beads from the necklaces & bracelets to continue my dingly dangly project. 4 made, I need one more to complete it. I need beads, lime green would be perfect, so might have to scour the charity shops in Torquay.
Afternoon walk with Millie, back for The Chase, glass of cider & bag of Hola Hoops. Life on the edge!! Another bowl of homemade veggie soup for dinner. Everything sorted ready to settle down and watch Celebrity Masterchef .. Lights went out, tv went off. GREAT!  Kitchen lights on, power points off, including the fridge. Found the fuse box in the cupboard under the stairs .. .back to the kitchen. Fiddled .. nope. Could'nt fix it. Sent sms to J&V .. no reply. Oh well, early night, read my book. Sort it in the morning fingers crossed.

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