By Viewpoint


Yesterday’s `creative photography’ talk is still going through my mind so I’ve been playing with ICM (intentional camera movement) - just very small movements but with a `Little Stopper’ filter on the front of my camera so I could use a slightly wider aperture.  I also put the camera on manual adjusting the shutter speed only, which was a suggestion made by Glenys, which worked really well.  This is two ICM images combined.  I tried adding an in-focus rose on the front but I don’t think it worked.

A bit of a dull day today with intermittent showers and we haven’t been very far.  We sat up on the hillside above Danby and looked down Fry-up Dale while we ate out sandwiches.  Ann had a reflexology appointment this afternoon so we needed to be back, hence my wander around the garden with camera in hand.

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