By pensionspoet

Blip take 2

My new phone seems to lose my blip if my screen goes off...sometimes! Grrr. So I'll make this quick (at last, I hear some of you sigh with relief!)

Work, standard day. Who likes Mondays? I don't. You want it to still be Monday, and Friday seems like such a long way off. So I left at 4.15, caught a late as usual bus, and was home at 5.20.

Cooked a low calorie spag bol for Jon and I. Henry had normal food, and Daniel isn't here. Jon and Henry went to the gym and were not back by 7, when dinner was ready, so i put all in the oven to keep warm and quickly cycled to the allotment before it got dark.

Minnie was out, but had been back in her house to lay an egg, so i know she can get back in. I left her out. I found the sack for my potatoes, and 'harvested' 2 late raspberries, and 3 blueberries that i didn't know were there!! I need to read up about pruning my fruit bushes!

After i had carefully balanced the egg and fruit in my bike basket, i spotted the blackberries and couldn't leave without picking as many as i could. I will go out tomorrow evening earlier to just pick blackberries (if the date night doesn't happen - not sure where we are with that, now summer seems to be over!)

Home, ate dinner, which was quite tasty, and now blipping while watching University Challenge. I even got a question right!!

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