By MikeWest


A rather dull end to a dull day, saved only by a sliver of light breaking through the clouds. Although I shot this tree before in the mist, it still has a charm. It's a wispy willowy wave, a gesture. The light from behind me, lasting only a short time, caught the top of the reeds and trunk and seemed white, not a yellow glow, that I expect with the setting sun.

Although I took several exposures because of the bright band of sky across the image, I was able to use only one. Back on the computer I was surprised how blue the sky was still, my memory was of more gray and darker.

Annoyingly I had included a bunch of leaves in the top right corner and wanted to clone them out. That proved harder than I thought because the remaining twigs had to be believable. I don't think I could print this one.

I posted for yesterday as well today.

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