Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Thank you

I’m taking things one moment at a time at this point. Mom’s bestie (and my friend) Claudette has been wonderfully supportive. She was the person I called to be with me during the paramedic/deputy sheriff ordeal then waiting with me and the deputy for the car to arrive to send her away. It’s not easy sitting in a chair in the living room for hours while being able to see my mom lay lifeless in her bed.

My neighbors Kathy and Ken brought me these flowers. It was so kind of them. It was their daughter Kim who listed and sold Mom’s house last year. Great people.

A couple of women from ICF have been great, too. Joan went to the church this morning and registered October 8th as the date for the memorial mass. That date would have been her 85th birthday. Joanne is taking me back on Thursday to go over details with the Deacon.

I think I’ve contacted everyone who needed to be contacted including family, friends, doctors. Next I need to write her obituaries (one for our local paper here and one for the Buffalo News), which will be no easy task.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday to pay their respects to my mom and be so wonderfully supportive of me. When I chat with her tonight I can tell her she was the most popular blip on Blipfoto. Thanks to Debbi (dbifulco) for her blip and release of a beautiful monarch in her honor, too.

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