Fast and furious in the city

Much of central Edinburgh has been taken over by 800 crew involved in the making of Fast and furious 9 (me neither - how could we have never even heard of episodes 1-8 of the series?) The High Street is one of 52 streets currently closed for filming. I snapped this enormous camera crane this afternoon as Mr hazelh and I returned from a morning in the museum at the 'Wild and majestic: romantic visions of Scotland' exhibition, followed by lunch at Pizza Express.

This evening I experienced a 'That could only happen to you hazelh' moment at a meeting at the Royal Society of Edinburgh when I recognised the man who took a seat next to me in the auditorium. He features in one of the video presentations that I saw in the museum this morning! He was very amused that I recognised him from his 'starring role' and happily answered my questions about the displays (e.g. Why no mention of fishing? How do they keep the items of ancient clothing in such good condition?)

After the main series of presentations my new friend visited the poster stand where my own work was displayed. He enjoyed taking his 'revenge' in asking me questions about my research.

Exercise today: walking (15,760 steps); 40 minutes on the exercise bike.

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